Demand Management

Demand management is a comprehensive, cross-functional process that ranges from market sensing and sizing, understanding customers, forecasting and adjusting demand to market, demand capturing and analytics.

Effective demand management involves forecasting an unconstrained market demand for various products based on historical and dynamic real-time data of various causal factors. This forms a vital input to Supply Planning to effectively arrive at a feasible plan

Efficient Demand Management will save the business from supply imbalances such as stock dry-out, inventory overflow and uneconomical buy/sell scenarios.

We, at iOG, are a team of experienced consultants in implementing Demand Management Solutions. Our team has experience in using sophisticated computing techniques such as time series modelling (often based on historical sales and shipment data), seasonal linear regression, dynamic regression, moving average forecast, exponential smoothing, Holt-Winters additive and multiplicative modeling.

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