Production Planning

Production Planning plays a vital role in maximizing refinery profitability while managing complexity and flexibility of the refinery / petrochemical operations. It specifies which crude or intermediate products to purchase and which products to produce. The planning decisions are taken based on forecast of future demand and prices over a certain time horizon. It also takes into account unit availability, flexibility in operations such as alternative routing, mode of operations, blending as well as constraints such as utility, maximum rates to maximize the refinery margins.

The production plan is used in a rolling horizon setting to take into account updated information regarding refinery and markets with short term plan focusing on details and executions while long term plan focusing on locking more profitable options. In refineries, Linear programming (LP) software such as Aspen PIMS, Haverly GRTMPS, Spiral Plan, Honeywell RPMS etc. have become integral tools to select crude, optimize product mix and to determine optimal operating conditions over a desired time-frame. Our consultant have strong technical skills in these advanced software solutions and have a rich and vast experience in deploying end-to-end solutions of Refinery Planning business process at various refineries across the world.

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