LP Utility

The LP models are used to make decisions from a global perspective as the unit inter-dependency plays a major role and the accuracy of the data in the individual sub-models is the key to take the right decisions in such situations. It is a common problem in the refinery planning world that process unit yields and stream properties do not match with the actual plant performance because of poorly maintained and infrequently audited LP models.

LP model deviations can have a huge impact on production planning decisions, refinery margin and investment decision. LP utility tools are used to bridge the gap by leveraging Process simulation tools to update base, delta vectors in the sub-models as well as keep stream quality accurate.

We, at iOG Solutions have in-depth knowledge in the usage and implementation of LP utility tool. Our team offer an on-site and offline services in building and tuning unit kinetic reactor models. These rigorous simulations are then used for precise LP data generation – base as well as delta vector through case scenarios, statistical analysis and building of LP sub-model utility templates.

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  • Importance of Simulation Models for LP Model updates
  • Typical approach for generation of yield shift vectors
  • iOG Services offering on LP Utilities
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