LP Configuration Studies

LP models allow a complete assessment of the configuration options that lead to enhanced knowledge of refinery technology, process licensor offerings and eventually lead to selecting the right combination of technologies and unit capacities that best suit the market conditions. Each refiner has their own unique requirements from the LP, which depend upon the environment in which the refinery operates and the market to which it caters. LP can be used to maximize refinery margin, devise strategies to meet product demand of high value products and evaluate additional crude processing options as also for new refinery as well as green-field refinery projects such as refinery expansion, unit addition and for removing capacity bottlenecks.

iOG, with our extensive LP knowledge and refinery-petchem technology experience, ensure that the configuration is optimized from every important aspect including economic return, operability, and the flexibility to deal with future changes in your facility’s feed or product slate and environmental norms.

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