Supply Chain Management

iOG understands the diversity and complexity of refinery supply chain operations. We help maximize profitabilty through the following services at various levels through a “best practice” and “best fit” approach using our enriched knowledge and experience in leading software solutions:

  • How frequently is your LP Model updated?
  • Are you aware of the benefits of running plans over multiple periods/ locations?
  • Is your LP over-constrained or too complex or does it have has poor convergence?
  • How often do you assess your margin drivers?
  • Are you aware of various options to check and reduce sub-optimal LP results?
  • Build LP models from scratch or update existing models through usage of leading software solutions
  • Implement Planning business process – Short term & long term planning
  • Develop business processes for crude and product evaluation
  • Perform LP configuration studies
  • Investigate potential areas for Profit improvement
  • Provide end-to-end integration
  • How close is your schedule sync with actual reconciled data?
  • Are you aware of the advantage of a global model to schedule inventory levels at multiple locations?
  • Are the unit regulation reports generated from scheduling models user-friendly to the operationsgroup?
  • Are your LP and scheduling models interactive with MES applications with a common"+ "process data input?
  • Build scheduling models from scratch or update existing models through usage of leading software solutions
  • Implement business process which involves Dock, feedstock, process unit scheduling, product blending and distribution
  • Develop case scenarios for process unit turn-around shutdown planning and to study the impact of throughput variations
  • Customized report generation as a guideline to Refinery Operations management group
  • Integration of scheduling tool with data historian, Lab information and tank guaging systems
  • Is your back-casting case robust enough to track all the critical lost opportunities?
  • Do you utilize historical inferences from the scheduling tool to validate the LP model accuracy?
  • Do you use back-casting to identify areas of LP modelsthat need updates?
  • Implement Retro-Analysis business process through design of functional scope and high-level architecture
  • Incorporation/updation of yield shift vectors in LP model through simulation and scheduling inputs
  • Recommend corrective actions post identification of gaps in the field operation as well as in the LP architecture

Profit improvement studies

  • Usage of simulation and LP tools in tandem to identify potential areas for margin improvement such as product maximization, Shut-down Vs Catalyst life, alternate product routings, etc.
  • Develop stand-alone models for tracking refinery profitability on a regular basis
  • What are the new technologies that can help you process heavier feeds?
  • Is your current configuration ready for upcoming product quality regulations?
  • Are you profitably and feasibly serving your market demand with your existing configuration?
  • Are your business objectives aligning with your configuration selection?
  • Is existing utility and downstream unit capacity adequate for additional new unit /technologies being selected?
  • Perform “What-if “ analysis to recommend the right unit configuration and technology to meet the desired product specifications through multiple LP and simulation runs
  • Provide end-to-end retail automation solutions from Forecourt to HQ
  • Optimization of Supply & distribution at depots
  • Demand Management – demand forecasting, analytics, and colloboration for better demand management
  • Supply Chain Operations & Scheduling

SC Integration

  • Develop and implement Integrated Supply Chain Enterprise solutions for the Oil and Gas Downstream sector conglomerating all the business processes across the value chain into one single module for better visibility, ease of data exchange and high level monitoring.

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