iOG Train - Expert Consulting services to improve workflow processes


iOGTrain is focused on providing expert training services on upstream technologies, advanced software applications and O& G business processes. iOG Solutions also provides custom application maintenance and support services across multiple platforms designed to help organizations increase application efficiency, reduce system downtime, drive high-performance and extend application life. Our application support services enable clients to tailor and utilize software functionalities according to their unique business requirements.

Our team with its strong cross-domain knowledge and extensive experience in delivering advanced software solutions throughout the E & P life-cycle can help our clients in training their frontline, operational, technical and management personnel.

The rapid developments in the the field of advanced solutions demands imparting the workforce with necessary skills and competencies. We provide skill enhancement training workshops that are tailored to our client’s need with modules that focus on the actual application of those skills at our clients’ facilities.

iOG Solutions also strategically tie up with other partner training providers to bring to our clients the best and most relevant training programs, certified by International Certification Bodies. Our training programs are designed keeping in mind the need to align the module structures with the present skill levels of your team.

We help our clients’ access a combination of modules taught by experts in our Standard training programs, provide Customized Training Programs to meet the exact training needs of our clients and conduct Workshops at client locations, focusing on real time problem solving, trouble-shooting and case-studies; thus providing clients hands-on exposure to some of the most advanced technologies in the market, enabling them to keep pace with the challenging and rapidly evolving E & P industry.

Our differentiators:

  • In-depth knowledge of both the Upstream and Downstream Verticals
  • Technical expertise and an ability to understand clients’ business needs
  • Domain-experts with diversified industry experience in both theory and applications
  • End-to-end Implementation experience on leading market software solutions
  • Experience in customization of industry solutions for targeting specific needs
  • Proprietary Study Modules developed keeping in view the target groups

Our Training Services

Our clients’ can access a combination of modules taught by experts, projects conducted at the client locations and on-field & lab training providing hands-on exposure to some of the most advanced technologies in the market which enables them to keep pace with the challenging and rapidly evolving E & P industry.

Following is a partial list of E&P training offerings under the iOGTrain Package

Geology & Geophysics Interpretation and Subsurface Modeling

  • Qualitative Pre-modeling and Geological Analysis
  • Basin, Stratigraphic, Structural & Facies Interpretation methods
  • Geophysical 3D Inversion
  • Well-to-Surface Geophysical Technologies
  • Well-Log Correlations
  • Cross-section Creation and Interpretation
  • Formation Evaluation (Log Analysis)
  • Geomechanical Modeling
  • 3D Structural, Stratigraphic, Sedimentary and Petrophysical Modeling
  • Up scaling of the Petrophysical Model
  • Dynamic Reservoir Modeling
  • Numerical Simulation
  • History Matching
  • Field Development Planning
  • Uncertainty and Risk evaluation

Reservoir Management & Engineering

Well Engineering/Drilling

  • Drilling & Well Completions
  • Well/Tubing Stress Analysis
  • Advanced Wellbore Modeling
  • Well Testing
  • Wireline Well Logging
  • Formation Damage Remediation
  • Production and Completions Engineering
  • Stimulation Engineering including Hydraulic Fracturing
  • EOR
    • Phase Behaviour Modelling & PVT Creation
    • Thermal EOR Simulation
    • Chemical EOR Simulation
    • CO2 EOR Simulation
  • Artificial Lift Technology
  • Integrated Production Modeling
  • Advanced Wellbore Modeling
  • Digital Oil Field training

Production Management

Data Management

  • Seismic Data Management
  • Well and Drilling Data Management
  • Data Integration, Processing and Quality Control
  • Real-time Production Data Management
  • Data Governance – Best Practices
  • Comprehensive E & P Master Data Management