iOG Study - iOG Solutions specialized services, leveraging state of the art software solutions


iOGStudy is a set of specialized services provided by iOG Solutions, leveraging state of the art software solutions and our expertise in utilizing them. In these studies, our team of consultants combine their strong domain knowledge in upstream O & G industry and leading software solutions to offer analysis and optimization perspectives for conventional and unconventional Oil and Gas exploration and production.

iOG Study differentiates itself from our consultancy services in the application of domain knowledge, use of advanced software tools and technical expertise to achieve the objectives.

Our consultants can help clients undertake specialized profit improvement or performance analysis studies. This can be used for assessing the economic and operational viability of reservoirs and wells and coupled with advanced modeling solutions, to enable our clients in performing comprehensive and extensive Field Development Planning.

Our differentiators:

  • Extensive cross-sector expertise
  • Strong domain knowledge of both the Upstream and Downstream Verticals
  • Technical expertise in some of the most advanced solutions in the industry
  • Unparalleled combination of domain-experts in teams built, keeping in mind clients’ requirements.
  • End-to-end Implementation skills and experience on leading market software solutions
  • Customization of solutions so as to cater to specific situations

Our Analytical Services

Following is a partial list of the iOGStudy services we can offer to our clients

Geological and Geophysical Interpretation

  • Structural Interpretation and Analysis
  • Sedimentological Interpretation and Analysis
  • Mapping and Cross-section Generation
  • Stress Interpretation - Borehole breakout, drilling induced tensile fractures 
  • Structural Interpretation - Fault and fracture characterisation, SCAT analysis, seismic integration 
  • Sedimentological Interpretation
  • Core-log integration
  • Probabilistic log analysis
  • Complex Reservoir Analysis
  • Advanced Formation Evaluation
  • Structural & Sedimentological Core Logging and integration with borehole Images
  • Complex reservoir analysis of available data with a deterministic multi-mineral or sand-shale model including cross-plots.

Petrophysical Analysis

Reservoir Characterization and Modelling

  • Fault Geometry and different Fault-Surface relationships
  • Facies & Stratigraphic Characterization followed by Petrophysical properties interpolation
  • Determination of model resolution for making decisions about upscaling
  • PVT results analysis
  • History Matching
  • Conceptual Area and Field Development Planning Studies
  • Uncertainty and reservoir Model Appraisal
  • Integrated Field Studies

Field Development Planning

Reservoir Engineering

  • Investigating remaining oil and gas distribution
  • Re-designing field development scheme or perform specific studies
  • Inflow performance Relationships study
  • Well Performance Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysisl

Well Performance Monitoring

Well Engineering

  • Pore-Pressure Analysis
  • Completion Program and Criteria for completion
  • Well Trajectory Planning studies
  • Well & Completion Design
  • Well Intervention
  • Feasibility Studies & Costings
  • Single and Multi-well tests, including Pressure Build-up and Drawdown, Interference, Pulse tests etc.
  • Deliverability Tests: Flow-on–Flow, Isochronal and modified Isochronal tests
  • Testing studies for determination of reservoir pressure, distances to reservoir boundaries and/or heterogeneities
  • Well studies for Potential stimulation and optimization candidates
  • Productivity analysis for production allocation

Well Testing

Production Management

  • Inflow and Outflow performance evaluation for reservoirs and wells
  • Flow Assurance Studies
  • Slug Mitigation strategy
  • MEG Distribution
  • Hydrate formation potential evaluations
  • Evaluating lift system under formation inflow
  • Artificial lift selection study
  • Lift optimization strategy development

Artificial Lift System Analysis

Production Analysis and Interpretation

  • Tracking reservoir and well production performance
  • Routine and periodic analysis and reports as needed
  • Assessment of Production accounting & allocation methodologies.