iOG Implement - iOG Solutions for Upstream Oil and Gas Industry


iOG consultants have extensive experience in implementing advanced software solutions across the E & P life-cycle. iOG Solutions can help clients in upgrading and streamlining their existing systems as well as to implement new systems in the areas of Reservoir Management, Geological and Geophysical Interpretation, Production Management, Well & Drilling Services and Upstream Data Management.

We have strong experience of implementing tools, models and workflows covering all areas of the upstream processes. This in turn, helps in having a holistic view of the entire value chain, understanding the immediate and long term needs and benefits, comprehending the limitations and flexibility of the existing system, while at the same time ensuring the cost-effectiveness of the changes that are needed.

Our Approach

iOG follows a structured methodology to assess goals and objectives, diagnose problems, define roadmaps and blueprints and then implement the solution.

Our differentiators:

  • Strong domain knowledge of both the Upstream and Downstream Verticals
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of E&P business and work areas
  • World-class technical expertise in some of the most advanced solutions in the industry
  • Unparalleled combination of domain-experts in the teams, that are built keeping in mind our clients’ situation and needs
  • Committed, youthful team in sync with upstream technologies globally
  • End-to-end Implementation skills and experience on market-leading solutions
  • Customization of solutions to cater to specific situations

Following is a partial list of the processes and systems for which we provide
Implementation services to our clients:

Geology & Geophysics Interpretation and Modeling

  • Implementation of Advanced Geological and Geophysical Interpretation
  • Implementation of Seismic Interpretation work-flows
  • Build an earth model
  • Implementation of Geo-cellular gridding techniques
  • Interpolation of Petrophysical properties
  • Subsurface Modeling workflows
  • Establishing Sensitivity Analysis scenarios
  • Implementation of 3D Structural, Stratigraphic, Sedimentary and Petrophysical Modeling tools
  • Integration of multi-disciplinary models
  • Build Static reservoir models
  • Upscaling of the Static Reservoir Models
  • Build and simulate a Dynamic Model
  • Handle Execute unconventional reservoir modeling

Reservoir Modeling and

Production Optimization & Integrated Asset Modeling

  • Design and implementation of Optimization programs for various types of wells
  • Development of Programs for Artificial Lift
  • Design and Implementation of Well workover, intervention and stimulation programs
  • Setting up Production Allocation & Accounting workflow
  • Configurations and roll-out of Production Accounting applications.
  • Implementation of software solutions for real time monitoring of Production Wells
  • Build, tune and roll out Integrated Asset Management models
  • Design and implement DOF in phases

  • Implementation of Analytical tools for interpretation of wide range of Well Testing results
  • Implementation of Diagnostic tools for building of Test Models
  • Deployment of Analytical applications for PTA, RTA and Well Performance Analysis
  • Establishing Well-Seismic Ties utilizing the results from Well tests

Well Test

Well & Drilling Solutions

  • Implementation of an integrated suite for Well Planning
  • Design and implementation of step-wise well completion program
  • Implementation of drilling design, monitoring and simulation software tools
  • Selection and Deployment of an appropriate Geosteering strategy and associated tools
  • Use of real time monitoring software tools
  • Design and deployment of standardized workflows for Well and Drilling Data Management
  • Installation of leading industry software tools for analyzing well performance
  • Design and implement WIMS
  • Deployment of Geophysical lifecycle Data management solutions
  • Implementation of data management tools for acquisition of real time data
  • Automation of Data acquisition workflows
  • Implementation of standard data processing workflows
  • Integration Procedures for integrating Real time Production and Drilling data with historical data
  • Design and Implementation of Data Model

Data Management