iOG Consult - Expert Consulting services to improve workflow processes


iOG provides expert Consulting services to improve workflow processes of our clients and bring them up to date with the best practices in the industry. iOG is an independent, innovative and young Oil and Gas consultancy focused on providing world-class consultancy solutions to our upstream clients in some of the most advanced technologies.

Our consultants, with their strong O&G domain knowledge and extensive experience in delivering advanced software solutions in the different domains of the E & P life-cycle help our clients in assessing their current operational structures and identification of efficiency gaps. They employ proprietary approaches derived from our strong overall knowledge and experience in the various aspects of the global Oil and Gas industry and help our clients in filling up their operational gaps and eventually enable them to unlock value opportunities that are present.

Our differentiators:

  • Extensive cross-sector expertise
  • Strong domain knowledge of both the Upstream and Downstream Verticals
  • World-class technical expertise in the most advanced software solutions in the industry
  • Unparalleled combination of domain-experts in teams, that are built keeping in mind our clients’ situation and needs
  • Independent, unbiased view with focus on creating value for clients
  • End-to-end Implementation skills and experience on market-leading solutions
  • Customization of solutions so as to cater to specific situations
  • Strong analysis and decision-making approaches

iOGConsult for Upstream

We, at iOG believe in providing solutions that are as unique as our clients’ requirements. Every situation is different and comes with its own specific set of problems. Our consultants can help you in identifying and addressing them in ways designed specifically for them by leveraging their skills, in-depth domain expertise and the very latest of upstream technologies. Following is a partial list of our consulting services under the iOGConsult package. The list affords you only a general view of the various problems we can help address and we welcome you to communicate with our experts to discuss and assess your particular scenario.

Business Process Review and Recommendation(As-Is, To-Be & Gap Analysis)

  • As-Is Process Definition and Analysis
  • To-Be Process Definition
  • Scope of Data Requirement
  • Solution Design
  • Solution Testing
  • Best Practices
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Business case for new initiatives / solutions including Cost-Benefit Analysis

Value Based Consulting

Best Practices (ex: E & P Data Governance)

  • Understand and manage strategic and tactical data, project ownership from a data perspective and priority setting for data projects
  • Describe how, when and by whom data was received, created, accessed, modified and/or formatted
  • Determining Data fit
  • Recommend processes to cleanse, transform, integrate and enrich fresh data across subject areas
  • Address security and privacy compliance across integrated subjects
  • Manage master data by examining data assets and relationships that define enterprise operations
  • Define workflow, organization structure, job profile and activities/steps in it
  • Evaluate and recommend tools for workflow automation
  • Advice and consult for Implementing a consistent Analysis workflow

Business Workflows

Exploration & Appraisal

  • Regional Studies and Play Definition
  • Prospect Identification & Evaluation
  • Prospect Maturation and Resource Assessment
  • Data Acquisition Planning
  • Pre-FDP Feasibility Studies
  • Independent Review of Well Planning
  • Review of drilling programs, procedures and well design
  • Well engineering audits, peer reviews and benchmarking
  • Review of Drilling Monitoring tools and processes
  • Well Integrity Review, GAP Analysis and WIMS establishment support
  • Well data management workflow review and improvement roadmap

Well & Drilling Services

Digital Oil Fields Strategy

  • Build a Digital Oilfield Strategy
  • Develop business justification including quantifying business value
  • Set and manage expectations of DOF initiatives properly
  • Best practices on Reservoir Management
  • Technology evaluation of Dynamic Reservoir Modeling tools
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • History Matching and Economic Analysis
  • Field Development Planning
  • Uncertainty and Risk Evaluation and Reduction

Reservoir Management

Production Accounting services

  • Review of Production Accounting Methodologies
  • Evaluating adequacy of flow measurement data.
  • Review allocation calculations and recommend methodology that best fits complexity and requirements
  • Review of Well Performance Monitoring tools and process
  • Analysis of Production Log test
  • Asset Value assurance (equity re-determination, reserve and technical audits)
  • Analysis of Production Data

Production Monitoring Services

End to end review of E & P Data management review

  • Data Architecture Review
  • Industry Standards and Data Models Compliance
  • Operational Performance Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Definition of Data Processing workflows
  • Reviewing Information management systems for deploying real time Analytics
  • Metadata management
  • Data Governance – Best Practices
  • Information visualization and BI consolidation across the enterprise