iOG Solutions for Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

The upstream segment of the Oil & Gas industry is focussed on exploration and production (E&P). iOG Solutions is a proven and trusted advisor to companies across the globe in their search for economic hydorcarbons. From well heads to retail dispensers –
we have contributed to increasing profits.

Solutions for
Upstream Industries


Experts in the different technology across Oil & Gas industries in our team can help you with implementation of these technologies. We specialize in implementing software solutions in the following areas and have experience on most of leading industry software solutions:

  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Well engineering
  • Production Optimization
  • Real time Production monitoring (OSISoft PI, Siemens XHQ etc)
  • Production Accounting & reconciliation
iOG Implement


At iOG, we believe in creating intelligent environment, where we continuously learn & update ourselves with latest technologies & best practices in the world. We provide consulting services to improve our client’s process & bringing them up to best practices in the industry.

We renovate our client’s business using following business tools

  • Business Process Mapping (As-Is, To-Be and Gap Analysis)
  • Digital Oil Field Design Consulting Services
  • PMC services
  • Data Management methodology review
  • Establishing Data Governance best practices
iOG Consult


Experts in our team dealing with technology areas across Oil & Gas industries can help you with training on these technologies at our office or at your site. We specialize in following technologies and offer standard & custom training programs for most of leading industry software solutions:

  • Dynamic and Steady-state Simulation
  • Field Development
  • Production Optimization
  • Production Accounting & reconciliation
  • Well Modeling & Simulation
iOG Train


At iOG we undertake studies using latest technologies, tools & best practices for identification and quantification of profit improvement ideas in the following areas:

  • Efficiency improvement studies with Simulation models
  • Field Development and Planning
  • Asset Development and Economic study
  • Hydraulic design analysis
  • Energy optimization studies
  • Geology Data interpretation
  • Well Planning
  • Well Performance Monitoring report