iOG Study - iOG Solutions specialized services, leveraging state of the art software solutions


iOGStudy is a specialized service provided by iOG, leveraging state of the art software solutions and our expertise in utilizing these. In these studies, our team of consultants having strong domain knowledge in upstream and downstream O & G industry and leading software solutions blend its best processes and practices to deliver specialized studies to clients.

iOGStudy differs from our consultancy services in the application of domain knowledge and use of advanced software tools. Our consultants with their strong O&G cross-domain expertise are equipped to perform in-depth as well as holistic Profit Improvement studies for assessing our clients’ business processes and systems. This helps you unlock hidden potentials in the existing configuration for profit improvement and performance augmentation to arrive at ways and means that can be immensely useful in the fast changing and volatile Oil and Gas markets.

Our consultants can help clients in undertaking Technology Evaluation and Configuration studies for assessing the economic and operational viability of the latest cutting-edge technologies in the refining and petrochemical sector. We can employ our in-depth domain expertise in Downstream O & G domain to evaluate software solutions for multi-location facilities and devise business suites for application integration.

Our crude evaluation specialists can help our clients in arriving at the right methodology for selection of optimum crude mixes and enhance the selection process through rigorous post-mortem techniques.

The Planning & Scheduling Team at iOG can enable analysis of the health of the existing LP model for assessing its accuracy as compared to actuals. Our experts help dose the gaps and optimize the LP for usage in the context of - “Make-Buy-Sell” transactions, so that erroneous decisions are minimized resulting in an eventual increase in the profitability and efficiency of the process.

Our differentiators:

  • Extensive cross-sector expertise
  • Strong domain knowledge of both the Upstream and Downstream Verticals
  • World-class technical expertise in some of the most advanced solutions in the industry
  • Unparalleled combination of domain-experts in teams, that are built keeping in mind our clients’ situation and needs
  • End-to-end Implementation skills and experience on leading market-software solutions
  • Customization of solutions so as to cater to your specific situation
  • Provision of independent consulting on process-centric applications widely used across the world
  • A young, dynamic and confident team armed with a solution and goal-oriented approach.
  • Empowerment of the client with necessary skills to handle real world challenges
  • Learning through sharing from our experience gained through interaction with different clients.

Following is a partial list of the the analysis studies we offers our clients

Profit improvement

  • Crude basket optimization
  • High-Value product maximization
  • Evaluation of alternate product routings and Process Unit feedstock
  • New product introduction and break-even price evaluation
  • Quality give-away minimization
  • Shut-down vs Catalyst life
  • LP Evaluation of leading and upcoming refinery technologies
  • Refinery specific studies to evaluate additional configurations / technologies to meet desired product demand
  • Evaluation of the capacity requirement and feasible/optimal modes of operation of process units

LP Configuration


  • Execution of specialized studies to understand the energy usage pattern, assess energy performance and energy efficiencies and benchmark the performance
  • Pinch Analysis to analyse utility systems and identify potential areas of energy recovery
  • Energy optimization studies to boost profitability
  • Identification of short term, medium term and long term energy conservation opportunities
  • Steam Network optimization studies

  • Study production, consumption and purity of Hydrogen in the network and advise optimum reformer severity operation
  • Perform Buy Vs Make analysis to meet the hydro-treating needs in a refinery


Study and recommend viable Energy Trading opportunities taking into account the risks inherent to trading

Study the impact of pricing on “Make-Buy-Sell” and inventory stock hold-up/deplete decisions inside the refinery