Production Optimization

The objective of production optimization is to maximize the total oil/gas production rate and to minimize the total cost of operation. For single wells or other small systems, simple well optimization and nodal analysis may be adequate but for large complex systems, a much more sophisticated approach is needed to predict the response accurately and to examine alternative operational scenarios efficiently.

The various areas covered under production optimization are Production Analysis, Well Performance Monitoring, Well Optimization, Field optimization etc. Our Production optimization workflows are based on extensive use of the Integrated Asset Model that integrates the modelling of the reservoirs, wells and surface facilities. It ensures that all dependencies, interactions, constraints and schedules are honoured throughout the production system. In fact, IAM models are now constructed at the design stage itself for verifying the design as well as for Production forecasting.

We, at iOG, are a team of experienced consultants in Production Optimization solutions. Our team has strong experience in Integrated Well and Reservoir modeling, Sensitivity Analysis, making production forecasts, building detailed well models etc.

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