Real Time Data Historian

Real-time Data Historians are electronic data recording products used to record & retrieve process and production data to display it in trend or tabular style data. It helps in making information from control systems available to all for analysing and taking actions for profit improvement. It is fundamental and essential step in automation and leveraging insights from process data.

With real-time data historian, you can trend measurement data over a period of time. For example you can quickly call up data three years old for any key parameter of interest, sort, plot it against other variables and use for analysis and trouble-shooting operational or performance issues.

Data historian finds their application in manufacturing sites, utility data, equipment and environment monitoring etc. The fundamental functions of a data historian are to capture and store data as well as to make that data available in a secure, intuitive fashion. Although fundamental, more and more plant data is being “historized” and it is being consumed continuously by a growing number of diagnostic software applications.

Our experienced consultants have strong domain knowledge and can provide support, consultation and implementation services for all the leading data historians in industry.

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