Oil Movement Management System

Oil Movement Systems (OMS) or Off-site Area Management Applications are the system that manages all pipelines, crude oil storage tanks, and LPG storage spheres in the tank farm area and controls the movement of all intermediate components and finished products. OMS provides a collaborative environment for the offsite operations and provides an overview of all important events, tasks, data, instructions and activities within this area.

Inventory worth billions of dollars for liquids such as crude oil, intermediates and finished products are stored in tank farms in any refinery or any petrochemical plants. The inventory of these liquid assets are monitored in real-time and moved within and across the site boundaries on daily basis. The management of these assets is crucial not only from safety (spillage, explosion, equipment burn-outs) point of view but also for reconciliation of receipts and dispatches to avoid discrepancies and thereby avoid huge losses of revenues. OMS helps users reduce inventory requirements with improved planning and scheduling; improve off-site area through real time monitoring, improve the safety of people, processes and equipment with integrated safety and security solutions and manage environmental risks through early detection and reliable protection and mitigation systems.

iOG has vast experience in implementation and support services for OMS Tools. Our domain experts consultants are very well versed with all the advance technologies of OMS.

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