iOG Solutions for Downstream Oil and Gas Industry

The downstream segment of the Oil and gas industry entails a series of activities that see the “Crude-oil” pass through an interesting journey that begins with lifting of crude oil from the supplier, transportation to the refinery tanks, transforming the crude oil feedstock to finished products through a chain of high energy intensive treatment operations and finally reaching the markets through
Direct and Retail modes to reach the end-user.

  • Do you fully optimize your asset utilization
  • How reliable are your LP results
  • Are monthly plans effectively implemented through daily schedules
  • Are you lively connected with dynamic pricing tools
  • Are you looking forward to enhance your existing configuration
  • Is every drop of oil you process realizing its maximum value
  • Are your product supply-demand equations equally balanced
  • Are you bothered of analyzing actual data from multiple sources
  • Are your process parameters tuned to safe and reliable operation

For a typical oil field, there are five stages of its life cycle.

  • Transportation of crude oil from Supplier port to refinery tanks
  • Crude Oil Fractional Distillation
  • "Bottom of the barrel" upgrade
  • Product Blending and storage
  • Finished Product Distribution to potential markets

The functional view of downstream industry and list of our major service offerings in this vertical.

Supply Chain Management

Make phenomenal progress in every segment of the O&G value chain through practical and well optimized plans, feasible operating schedules, close to actual approach, accurate market forecast and appropriate asset utilization

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ETRM and Pricing Tool Application

Operate smartly and manage your risk factors in a calculated fashion through real-time connectivity to volatile markets enabling the making of right decisions at the right time to boost profitability

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Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manage, Monitor and Measure (M-M-M) your performance in real-time to act pro-actively and foster operational excellence

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APC Services

Have better control over process parameters to reduce variability and optimize processes close to set constraints

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Simulation & Modeling

Gain better insight into the design and operation of your facilities during the design phase by understanding the system’s thermodynamic equilibrium and its response to change in operating modes

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Energy Management

Adopt a sustained approach to energy efficiency supported by integrated processes and managed by leading edge process optimization software to have the ability to control and significantly reduce energy expenditures

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Solutions for
Downstream Industries


Experts in the different technology across Oil & Gas industries in our team can help you with implementation of these technologies. We specialize in all the technologies for following areas and have experience on most of leading industry software solutions:

  • Refinery Planning & Scheduling
  • Backcasting /Retro-Analysis
  • Supply and Distribution
  • Manufacturing execution systems (MES)
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Dynamic and Steady-state Simulation
  • Rigorous reactor modelling
  • Model tuning
  • LP yield-shift vector generation
iOG Implment


At iOG, we believe in creating intelligent environment, where we continuously learn & update ourselves with latest technologies & best practices in the world. We provide consulting services to improve our client’s process & bringing them up to best practices in the industry.

We renovate our client’s business using following business tools

  • Business Process Mapping (As-Is, To-Be and Gap Analysis)
  • Downstream Supply Chain Optimization Consulting Services
  • PMC services
  • Data Management methodology and application integration review
  • Establishing industry-wide best practices
iOG Consult


Experts in our team dealing with technology areas across Oil & Gas industries can help you with training on these technologies at our office or at your site. We specialize in following technologies and offer standard & custom training programs for most of leading industry software solutions:

  • Refinery Planning & Scheduling
  • Supply and Distribution
  • Manufacturing execution systems (MES)
  • Dynamic and Steady-state Simulation
  • Rigorous reactor modelling
  • Advanced Process Control
iOG Train


At iOG we undertake studies using latest technologies, tools & best practices for identification and quantification of profit improvement ideas in the following areas:

  • Profit improvement studies
  • LP Configuration Studies
  • Energy Management
  • Steam Network optimization
  • Base control Loop Tuning
  • Hydrogen management
  • Pinch Analysis
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management
  • Pricing tool application
iOG Study