Facies Modelling

Facies is a distinctive kind of sedimentary deposit, which was deposited in a distinctive setting. Sedimentary facies reflect the Depositional environment and original composition that have resulted into the present characteristics of the Rock Units. A facies model is a general summary of a specific sedimentary environment. This involves a distillation of the facies and facies successions in a number of related environmental settings into a widely applicable model, which, with variations, helps you to categorize your own section. Facies modeling helps in understanding sedimentary features characterize a particular environment, and the lateral and vertical distribution of facies within sedimentary deposits.

iOG Solution can help its clients in compiling characteristic facies from each sedimentary environment and produce facies models, indicating the sedimentary features and internal facies distribution. Our experts bring with them strong domain knowledge and experience in facies characterization & modeling, which is an important component of geostatistical reservoir characterization and facilitates construction of superior reservoir models for complex reservoirs.

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