Production Forecasting

Accurate and reliable production forecasting is a significant step in the management and planning of petroleum reservoirs. iOG solutions conduct the Decline curve analysis for providing deterministic estimates for future performance and remaining reserves.

Our service offerings include

  • Selection and accessing the required Reservoir and Well data
  • Selecting the best models by applying proper analytical functions
  • Performing tailored Decline curve analysis
  • Prediction of performance using various variables
  • Setting guidelines and constraint for the production forecasts.
  • Evaluation of the inflow and outflow well performance
  • Execution of the prediction cases.
  • Sensitivity Analysis (what if component/parameter changes)
  • Sensitization on various perceived inflow and outflow parameters and evaluation of their effects on the total producing system
  • Performance curves — choke correlation and PQ curves
  • Oil shrinkage calculations
  • Estimating unconventional sources of well production
  • Total gas oil ratio calculations
  • Well tests Data and analysis reports
  • Well event planning: flowing, injecting, well tests, well status, downtime entered in minutes by date and time

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