• What are the ways by which Data Quality Management can be kept at highest standards?
  • Which data rules needs to be set throughout your data management practice?
  • How can you set Data Management Standards?
  • What arethe advantages of Big Data implementation?
  • Can you implement and do analysis on Big Data Management?
  • Is your Well Data ready to use?
  • What confidence you have got to make immediate decisions based on your Well Data usage?
  • Is your data easily accessible by all?
  • Which are the best practices used for data integration?
  • What isthe best data quality system?
  • What is the right workflow for Seismic Data loading for different applications?
  • How can you merge navigation data into SEG-D/SEG-Y
  • Which are the plotting services for Seismic Data, Maps, Sections and Well Logs?
  • Which are the production KPI or attributes that give meaningful insight ?
  • How can you make production improvement decisions?
  • What can lead to identify low Production Wells?
  • What can lead to identify problematic wells?
  • Are you confident about your Production data and its output?
  • How you can reduce IT infrastructure and cost, using cloud based technology?
  • What are the advantages of designing and deploying cloud based solutions?
  • What are the best ways in which designing and implementing of E&P Master data can be done, to cater your specific business requirement?
  • What standards have been established and documented?
  • Are data models architectured and documented?
  • Are data producers and data consumers identified?
  • Are data stewards identified, trained and their roles communicated?
  • Are data analysts and data custodians engaged?
  • Is master data managed?
  • Have business processes, DG processes and business/data rules been applied?
  • Are data rules tied to business processes?
  • Are data rules tied to, mapped and documented to appropriate repositories?
  • Is data monitored to a standard?

Data Management Solutions

iOG Solutions Data management Services include capturing, processing, loading, tracking, modifying, Integration, Cleaning up, errors rectification, Data Validation and visualization of Data to best address our clients’ needs.

At iOG, we transform raw data into information, which leads to knowledge for our customers. Having the right knowledge, our customers can visualize and analyse the results and hence make business decisions more effective, easy, quick, confident and profitable, translating into real time economic advantages in challenging business environments.

Our Data Management Service offerings include:

  • Transforming raw data into structured data base formats, creating value for customers.
  • Data capturing from various sources, loading and both preliminary and detailed analysis.
  • Organizing valuable information into an industry standard format so that visualization of data becomes very easy and quick.
  • Use of comprehensive E & P Data Management tools and software to enable “One point data access” for Geologists, Geophysicists, Petroleum Engineers, Drilling Engineers, Petrophysicists and Petroleum Economists.
  • Real Time Data Management (in a Real Time Operation Centre) through WITSML, RESML and PRODML etc. data format
  • QC/QA and Auditing of data
  • Customized Data Management and Integration services over the entire Exploration and Production Data-set.
  • Implementation of Data Models along with Modular Databases as per our Clients’ requirements

iOG’s data management services can be sub-divided as below

iOG’s Seismic Data Management Service Offerings include:

  • Geophysical data conversion and reformatting
  • Data validation and QC services
  • Merging of navigation data into SEG-D/SEG-Y
  • Implementation of Geophysical lifecycle data solutions
  • Complete plotting services for seismic data, maps, sections and well logs
  • Management of Seismic Application Data
  • Seismic Data Migration
  • Recovering Field Data from tapes.
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iOG helps clients manage well data from request-to-drill through to abandonment. It uses robust schematics, flexible reporting capabilities, and query engine to track operational changes throughout the well lifecycle.

Our team of Business Intelligence and visualization experts helps in selecting, building, implementing Visualization Tools, Dashboards and Key Performance Data (KPI) – support for operational performance analysis and benchmarking.

iOG’s Service offerings for Well Data Management:

Integration and organization of data

  • Integrate both public and proprietary data for wells, core analysis, production history, directional surveys and digital logs
  • Create a single trusted version of header data with well versioning and rule-based attribute promotion
  • Design & Deploy Scalable database systems for multiple wells
  • Load digital log files (LAS, LIS, DLIS) and raster logs automatically
  • Validate log data against existing data sets to avoid creating duplicates or non-existent wells


  • Manage well headers, formation tops, deviation surveys, monthly production, Picks/Markers, Horizons, Faults, Logs, Velocity and other important data types
  • Create well-defined data processing workflows
  • Enable Image Depth Registration Processing
  • Process Deviation Surveys in batch modes and calculate bottom hole locations.
  • Optimize raw data, sampled in depth or time like curves, logs etc. for access speed and bulk storage efficiency

Quality Control

  • Appraise well data Integrity
  • Implement Reference Value Management to maintain data quality.
  • Synchronize data from internal data sources (applications, proprietary & industry standard databases)
  • Index documents automatically, interactively or in batches to create relationships with entities (e.g. wells, fields, etc.)
  • Automate Identification of provenance and quality
  • Verify completeness, search for anomalies and identify issues with metadata, data ranges or values

Exporting and leveraging data

  • Data Access through query, map or tree view interfaces
  • Export log and curve data to preferred formats for use in G&G applications, including ability to reformat raster logs to/from DRA and LIC
  • Visualization of Borehole Data
  • Perform datum and other unit conversions upon export
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At iOG solutions, our objective is to help our clients track hydrocarbon-related data in real time throughout the E&P life cycle, with a high degree of automation. Our real-time data management capabilities can support the clients in ensuring that their drilling engineers, reservoir engineers and production engineers are always working on the latest data.

Mapping the entire upstream value chain in real-time will ensure that any problems in the process are sported immediately and timely responses are effected to mitigate them. We offer customized deployment of data management systems for optimizing the data flow between business units so that engineers, geologists and others related to the data can access data they need less than one platform and access it from anywhere. This, in turn, leads to an increased efficiency in terms of time and cost.

Salient features of our systems include:

  • Data-warehouse/business intelligence
  • Low processing latencies
  • Advanced analytics and visualization tools
  • KPI support
  • Enhance and modify the KPI & visulization as per clients requirement
  • Compliance with industry’s data standards for facilitating integration
  • Higher confidence and control over the data
  • Help to connect to corporate data stores, accounting and fiscal modeling systems, and other applications
  • Implementation of standard data processing workflows
  • Suggest & Modify on alams and alerts based on the client requirement
  • Automation support
  • Multiple well handling
  • Overall integration of the data flows
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Data Quality Management

iOG solutions enables its clients to effectively manage their data quality through our service offerings which include-

  • Improving data capture and validation processes upstream
  • Performing Data Quality assessment for Identifying Process issues & data anomalies
  • Data Aggregation & Normalization
  • Cleanse, correct, transform & standardize data
  • Analyze data from disparate sources for meeting the quality standards
  • Setting up best practices for meeting standards and Regulatory compliances

Big Data

Big data real-time analytics presents opportunities to establish more efficient oil production, reduce costs and risks, improve safety, enhance regulatory compliance and improve overall decision making.

Benefits of implementing Big Data:

  • Enable analysis to increase oil and gas production output
  • Make better tactical and strategic decisions based on big data analytics
  • Manage real-time and near real-time data
  • Mitigate technical and corporate risks through analytics
  • Create instant views for asset maintenance purposes
  • Manage structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Transition from legacy systems to future-proofed IT platforms
  • Develop easy to use, secure, scalable information management and analytics platforms
  • Create real and actual value from analysing raw data

For iOG Solutions, data governance is one of the pillars of data management (DM). It goes hand-in-hand with data quality efforts and master data management programs. Data governance is about making data management better.

  • Availability of data – right people, right data and right time
  • Limiting the redundancy of stored data
  • Increasing the reuse of data integration and publishing services
  • Standardizing business performance measures - definitions and calculations
  • Determining appropriate use of data, (e.g., business sensitivity, confidentiality, retention)
  • Documenting what data is added to which data repository and when
  • Documenting data sources used for data processing and publishing
  • Establishing commonality of business facts - rules, data names, definitions and structures for data integration
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We enable clients set up a single, trusted, central source Master Database associated with all E&P sources such as

  • Geological Data
  • Seismic Data: 2D lines/3D Volume/4D, Time Grid, Depth Grid
  • Well Data: Header Information, Picks/Markers, Horizons, Faults, Logs, Velocity
  • Well Directional Survey Data
  • Drilling Data: Casing, Bits, Mud, Cement etc.
  • Well Test Data
  • Completion Data
  • Production Data: Oil/Gas/Water Volume, Choke Size, FCP/ICP, FTP/ITP, Christmas Tree Information

iOG’s Service offerings for Comprehensive E&P Master Data Management:

  • Design and deploy master database with respect to oil field lifecycle processes.
  • Assess Data needs and select the best solutions to meet them
  • Leverage industry standard solutions to optimize the entire value chain
  • Furnish Data syndication universal connectivity and smooth delivery of required reference data to upstream systems
  • Convert data into required formats
  • Consolidate information views across the enterprise
  • Manage metadata
  • Work with corporate data repositories for Reference data
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Cloud based applications aims to reduce IT infrastructure and cost by outsourcing it to specialized service organizations. The reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs while improved utilization and increased flexibility help clients in meeting changing business requirements.

iOG Solutions aims to provide Cloud based services to provide solution to the continuously increasing challenges associated with maximizing asset performance and minimizing infrastructure costs. Our cloud computing technology is driven by needs of oil and gas industry for reducing costs and performance enhancement in big data processing and analytics. It also facilitates simultaneous application of upgrades across the network without any disruption to other processes and data consumersAll patches and upgrades are applied simultaneously across the network without any effort and disruption to the users.

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