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Advanced Process Control

iOG Solutions offers its services on two technologies as a part of APC services:

  • Advanced Process Control
  • Base Control Loop Tuning

APC technologies helps to improve operation stability, push operations closer to quality or equipment limits and improve the capability of process units to handle disturbances. Our APC consulting services help customers specify, justify, and apply APC technologies such as multivariable predictive control, neural net inferential modeling, and fuzzy logic controllers that will significantly improve plant performance.

Our team has expertise needed to address plant regulatory control, base control loop tuning issues, identify scope for implementation of MVPC technology and implement APC technologies.


  • Determine the potential plant performance improvements that can be expected from APC
  • Define the benefits and costs, functional design requirements, and project plans for applying APC technologies
  • Provide a clear strategy and financial business case for APC investments

Typical Situations

  • Need to establish the opportunity, feasibility, and economic value for applying APC technologies
  • Wish to reduce variability of key control variables to enable pushing closer to quality specifications, equipment limits, and optimal energy efficiency
  • Seeking to optimize control of complex processes, particularly those with long lag-times, interacting loops, highly constrained operations, or inverse responses

The Benefits of Advanced Process Controls (APC)

  • Improved production by reducing the safety buffers needed to ensure limits for product quality and equipment integrity are not breeched
  • Minimized energy consumption for maximal plant throughput
  • Stabilized plant operation through minimized fluctuation of key process variables
  • Improved responsiveness to changing economic and regulatory conditions through easy review and modification of operating objectives
  • Less variability in the feedstock to downstream units
  • Improved operator effectiveness by focusing attention on the key unit performance indicators
  • Improved process safety as the APC system acts as an early-warning system
  • Better understanding of overall unit operation
Base Control Loop

Process Plants have to continually improve their performance on economics and sustained competitiveness in the global context by driving towards goals such as lower cost, higher production rate and improved quality, safety and reliability. The process control system automates both routine and abnormal operating conditions and helps the operator have good control on the process. The process performance and therefore the business results improve by applying operations and process knowledge via the process control system. Process Control systems can be piecemeal, looking at specific functions; these systems involve more manual interventions. There is, now however, an increasing skew towards usage of integrated Automatic Process Controls (APCs).

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