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Current Opportunities in Indian E & P Market – 69 Marginal Fields on Offer for Bidding

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 On May 25th Government of Indian has taken a major step to encourage participation of small and medium sized E & P companies to enhance Hydrocarbon production potentiality of India by releasing 69 Marginal fields on offer for bidding. These marginal fields on offer are distributed in 9 hydrocarbon producing sedimentary basins of India namely Cambay, Cauvery, Krishna Godavari, Assam Shelf, Assam Arakan Frontier basin (AAFB), Rajasthan, Kutch, Vindhyan and Mumbai Offshore. Basin wise distribution of these blocks is provided below:

Table 1: Basin-wise distribution of the blocks (Compiled from DGH information docket)


Geological Highlight

No. of fields




  • Late Mesozoic to Cenozoic
  • Structural hydrocarbon entrapment
  • Clastic reservoir rocks with sand, shale and claystone intercalations.
  • Cambay shale is a good candidate for unconventional shale oil and gas.



Elao, South Patan, West Bechraji, Kamboi, Khambel


  • Pericratonic Rift basin.
  • Comprised sediments of late Jurassic to recent.
  • Structural hydrocarbon entrapment.



Karaikal, Neduvasal



  • Situated in East-Coast covering wide range of sediments Permian to recent.
  • Anticline, fault closure, stratigraphic trap.
  • Cretaceous and Paleocene sandstone exhibit good reservoir rock



Koravaka, Uppidi, Bhimanapalli, Palakollu, Mummidavaram, Achanta, Lankapalem&Sanarudravaram


Offshore Shallow

GS-KV-1, GS-70, GS-59, YS-5


Offshore Deepwater

GD-1, GD-7 &KD-1

Assam Shelf

  • Shelf-slope type of basin.
  • Two petroleum systems- Paleocene to middle Eocene and Late Eocene to Oligocene
  • Clastic fine grained sands of Oligocene and Miocene sediments are potential reservoir rocks.



Charaideo, Bihubar, Laxmijan, Barsila, Sarojini, Dipling, Duarmara, Jeraipathar, Sapekhati

Assam Arakan Fold Basin (AAFB)

  • It is a part Assam Shelf with Cachar-Tripura and Mizoram-Manipur fold belts.
  • Basement highs, fold closures and stratigraphic-structural traps are the exploration targets.



North Patharia, Patharia, Hilara, Kherem


  • Constitute a part of the Great Thar Desert.
  • Late Proterozoic, Mesozoic and Tertiary
  • Presence of suitable reservoir, cap and source rock forming a total sedimentary system.



Sadewala, Bakhri-Tibba


  • Passive margin basin with sediments of Jurassic to Cretaceous age.
  • It includes 5 major tectonic fault blocks.
  • Hydrocarbon is reported from middle Eocene limestone and gas in sandstone of Cenozoic sediments.



KD, GK-39


  • The largest Proterozoic basin in India comprising sediments of Meso-Neoproterozoic age.
  • Mainly divided into Lower Vindhyan (carbonate rich) and upper Vindhyan (Clastic dominated).
  • Lower vindhyan rocks represents Hydrocarbon reservoir (gas)




Mumbai Offshore

  • Most explored and prolific basins in India.
  • Carbonate sediments from Paleocene and early Eocene-Miocene age.
  • Rift type of basin where sedimentation is controlled by series of horsts and grabens.


Offshore Shallow water

PER, B-7, B-9, B-127E, B-14, B-15, B-15A, B-37, B-51, B-80,

B-153, B-163, B-174, B-183, BRC, CA, CD, C-37, C-43, D-12,

D-18, D-31, ED-4, NMT, SD-4, SD-14, TP

Information docket with various G & G data can be viewed and purchased from Director General of Hydrocarbon, India. 

iOG Solutions with its experienced consultant can help in evaluating and analyzing these blocks before making any decision for bidding. All of iOG’s consultants have working experience in most these basin which can be helpful in evaluating these blocks. iOG Solutions can further help in following aspects of the evaluation process:

  1. Assistance in data room viewing providing experienced geologist, geophysicist and reservoir engineers.
  2. Complete assessment of information docket and digital data available in data room.
  3. Preparation of detailed report, maps etc.  interpreting available seismic data.
  4. Quick and fast 3D reservoir model generation for the evaluation purpose.
  5. Quick look interpretation of petrophysical available with the information docket.
  6. Techno-commercial evaluation of these blocks considering various local economic and fiscal informtion.
  7. Deriving a quick field development plan including analysis of requirement of EOR techniques.

For information pricing and availability of iOG’s consultant please contact iOG Solutions (

Detailed information on these fields, bidding process, timelines  and other terms and condition please refer to Director General of Hydrocarbon, India website.

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