Base Control Loop Tuning

Process Plants have to continually improve their performance and gain competitive advantage by driving towards goals such as lower cost, higher production rate and improved quality, safety and reliability. The process control system helps the operator have good control on the process as well as improve and drive operations towards optimum.

However in reality Control Loops do not operate in normal modes, oscillationleads toincreased process variability and reduction in plant efficiency.

To ensure the control loop optimization, our base control loop tuning experts help our clients by one time tuning of all the control loops and then implementing real time loop tuning system for sustained performance.

Our experts use the control system and process historian as a window into the process, sorted through the mountains of data, prioritize the loops and use state of the art tools for controller tuning and updates.

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  • Impact of out of tune Base Control Loops
  • Actionable activities around a control loop
  • iOG service offering for Base Control Loop Tuning
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The net impact to process performance is significant:

  • Lost production
  • Quality Issues
  • Excessive energy use
  • Safety & Environmental incidents
  • Unplanned shutdowns & higher maintenance costs

To ensure the control loop optimization, our base control loop tuning experts help our clients
by delivering two types of services:

  • One – time tuning of all the control loops
  • Real time loop tuning for performance

Our experts help the plant personnel to dynamically predict the future trajectory of key variables, to calculate the optimal adjustments to key set points which results in operating parameters being adjusted more safely, smoothly and consistently. The key variable information is prioritized according to technical and economic factors. This would spare the valuable time of plant personnel for acting on other important aspects of their plant’s performance.

Our experienced control loop tuning experts use the control system and process historian as a window into the process, sort through the mountains of data and rank the data according to economic factors which in-turn provides focused information to plant decision makers.

Control Loop Monitoring helps to uncover failing pump seals, problematic valves, fouling heat exchangers, improper repairs, and sources of process upset, controller tuning problems, and changes in process behavior. If control loop tuning doesn’t follow a particular business process, it will erode the investments on DCS, Process equipment.

Actionable activities around
a control loop

Typical results of Loop Optimization

  • Instrument Evaluation and valve analysis
  • Process and instrument non-linearity
  • Reduction in process variability by 50%
  • Improve controller response time by 2X
  • Reduction in non-linearity to within a robust control range.

These results have a direct impact on the plant’s bottom-line result areas, such as:

  • Production Rate Increase
  • Quality Improvement
  • Reliability Improvement
  • Energy Cost Reduction
  • Unit Cost Reduction

We at iOG, have experience with different control loop optimizers and can provide following services:

iOG Consult

  • Identify top 10 control loops for economic improvement
  • Build real time performance dashboards
  • Build KPIs to enhance plant performance
  • Identify interacting/oscillating loops

iOG Implement

  • Implementation of control loop tuning software
  • Integration with existing assets

iOG Train

  • Build industry centric training modules

iOG Study

  • Assessments of Overall Sensor Health, Valve Health, and Controller Health
  • Built different datasets to identify process models
  • Control loop readiness for APC implementation
  • Develop enhanced tools for root cause problem solving
  • Advanced regulatory control studies, suggestions and design

Our experienced consultants have strong domain knowledge and can provide support, consultation and implementation services using the following advanced solutions in the area of control loop monitoring:

  • One-time loop tuning
    • Expertune PlantTriage
    • Aspen Watch
    • Matrikon Process Doctor
  • Real time control loop performance through browser
    • Expertune PID Loop Optimizer
    • Yokogawa CS Tuner
    • Honeywell Loop Scout
    • Invensys Loop Analyst
    • Aspen PID Watch