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Production Planning

Crude Oil Refining by its nature is a diversified and complex business model. Newer and specialized non-linear constraints such as volatility in oil prices, changing demand patterns for petroleum products, stringent environmental regulations related to clean fuels and start-up of new production technologies are continuously being embedded into the system resulting in more complex refining schemes.

In this context, intellectual production planning plays a vital role in maximizing refinery profitability and ensuring logistic reliability more so in the current day Refinery Downstream Model which oscillates its nature between a Supply-driven and a Demand-driven model.

Linear programming software such as Aspen PIMS, Haverly GRTMPS, Honeywell RPMS etc. becomes a handy planning tool to select crude, optimize product mix and to determine optimal operating conditions over a desired time-frame.

Oil Refinery

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Production Forecasting

Accurate and reliable production forecasting is a significant step in the management and planning of petroleum reservoirs. iOG solutions conduct the Decline curve analysis for providing deterministic estimates for future performance and remaining reserves.

Our service offerings include

  • Selection and accessing the required Reservoir and Well data
  • Selecting the best models by applying proper analytical functions
  • Performing tailored Decline curve analysis
  • Prediction of performance using various variables
  • Setting guidelines and constraint for the production forecasts.
  • Evaluation of the inflow and outflow well performance
  • Execution of the prediction cases.
  • Sensitivity Analysis (what if component/parameter changes)
  • Sensitization on various perceived inflow and outflow parameters and evaluation of their effects on the total producing system
  • Performance curves — choke correlation and PQ curves
  • Oil shrinkage calculations
  • Estimating unconventional sources of well production
  • Total gas oil ratio calculations
  • Well tests Data and analysis reports
  • Well event planning: flowing, injecting, well tests, well status, downtime entered in minutes by date and time

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Well Data Management

iOG helps its client to manage well data from request-to-drill through abandonment. It uses robust schematics, flexible reporting capabilities, and query engine to track operational changes throughout the well lifecycle. We collect, store, modify, validate and give meaningful output to our customers. We deal with all kinds of well data including Design data, Well Testing data, Well Log data, Well Integrity and real-time well performance data.

iOG provides a structured services program for managing your Well system environment. This program provides a layer of oversight and governance to document, track and verify all changes within the system.

Our team of Business Intelligence and visualization experts helps in selecting, building, implementing Visualization Tools, Dashboards and Key Performance Data (KPI) – support for operational performance analysis and benchmarking.

Our Data Management team helps in instituting a Central Data Access point in a Comprehensive Data Set for all your Historical as well as Current well data, which in turn helps in improving Well Planning efficiency and Performance analysis through comparative well studies and customized reporting features.

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Seismic Data Management

iOG’s Seismic Data Management Service Offerings include:

  • Geophysical data conversion and reformatting
  • Data validation and QC services
  • Merging of navigation data into SEG-D/SEG-Y
  • Implementation of Geophysical lifecycle data solutions
  • Complete plotting services for seismic data, maps, sections and well logs
  • Management of Seismic Application Data
  • Seismic Data Migration
  • Recovering Field Data from tapes.

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Basic Services

  • Analysing well performance from conventional and tight oil and gas reservoirs
  • Real-time field and well production surveillance enabling the optimization of production operations
  • Automated surveillance of well/assets
  • Quantify uncertainty in production forecasting and reservoir characterization
  • Create custom templates and workflows for well performance analysis
  • Performing Advanced Engineering Calculations on the monitored data to yield inferable results
  • Comparing real-time performance of the well against well potentials
  • Streamline well test lifecycle to improve the accuracy and frequency of well tests
  • Incorporating completion design calculations
  • Identify and evaluate operating conditions: liquid loading, erosion, scale, water coning and sand production prediction

Advanced Services

  • Cloud-based centralized views for all assets
  • Alerts and prioritized views of abnormal well performance
  • Real-time estimates of production rates to benchmark and evaluate production and enhance allocation and forecasting.
  • Evaluate the potential of the well system and identify the optimal artificial lift method
  • Monitoring the performance of water injection and diagnose plugging or fracturing issues.
  • Sensitivity analysis for possible tubing, casing, coiled tubing, velocity string, perforations and gaslift completion options
  • Perform single or multiphase flow (gas, oil and/or water) calculations through tubing, annulus, or casing