Retail Automation

Brand equity of Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) depends a lot on customer satisfaction which in turn converts to brand loyalty. Needless to add, this is a very significant and critical contributor to enable these companies to retain market share and consequently maximize their profitability. To enhance customer experience, Oil and gas industries are investing on retail automation solutions to offer seamless and faster refuelling at retail outlets that deliver “right quality and quantity” of fuel to the customers free from adulteration, pilferage and over invoicing the consumer.

Critical areas to be managed in a Fuel retail network are point-of-sale (POS) operations, Back-office operations (BOS), forecourt management, payment processing and head-office systems. Many leading software applications are available to automate and rightly address the requirements at these critical areas.

We, iOG Solutions, are an experienced team of consultants with vast experience in providing Retail Automation Solutions to various demanding and prestigious clients across the globe. We help our clients to develop state of the art end-to-end automation solutions from Forecourt to HOQ. Our team has experience on latest advancements such as customized apps for customers, retail analytics, state-of-art vehicle identification, advanced technology for fleet management.

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