iOG Implement -  Implementing advanced software solutions across the entire downstream O&G industry


iOG consultants come with a wealth of experience in implementing advanced software solutions across the entire downstream O&G industry. This enables us help our clients implement new software solutions in the areas of MES, SCM, Simulation & Modeling as well as in upgrading and streamlining existing systems. iOGImpement is our specialized solution focused at addressing your implementation requirements across the entire chain of downstream operations.

The experience encompasses all the sectors of the downstream processes. This, in turn helps in having a holistic view of the entire value chain, understanding the immediate and long term needs and benefits and comprehending the limitations and flexibility of the existing system, while ensuring the cost-effectiveness of the changes that are needed.

Our Approach

iOG follows a structured methodology to assess goals and objectives, diagnose problems, define roadmaps and blueprints and finally implement the solution.

iOG Consult - Consulting and Implementation services on advanced MES, SCM, APC and Modeling solutions


iOG provides expert Consulting services to improve our clients process and bring them update on the adoption of best practices in the industry. iOG Solutions is an independent and reputed provider of consulting and implementation services on advanced MES, SCM, APC and Modeling solutions. Our team of consultants has strong domain knowledge in upstream and downstream O & G industry and experience on all leading software solutions in these industry verticals. iOGConsult is your place to come to if you are looking for extensive or specific consultation with domain experts.

Our consultants help clients in assessing their current business processes and in identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. Proprietary Approaches derived from our strong overall knowledge and experience in the various aspects of the global Oil and Gas industry are applied to help our clients in filling up their operational gaps and eventually unlocking value opportunities that may be present.

Our Consultancy Approach

Our consultants enable a significant enhancement in your economic as well as operational output by undertaking studies customized to your specific needs, extracting data from the various sources and manipulating it to uncover dormant profit-enhancement and loss-prevention opportunities. They also suggest the best solutions and practices for monetizing them; help the technical as well as management teams to understand them by communicating it in ways that align with their respective decision making approaches and eventually guide the entire team towards making the best use of the resources at their disposal ensure operational and commercial competitiveness.

iOG Study - iOG Solutions specialized services, leveraging state of the art software solutions


iOGStudy is a specialized service provided by iOG, leveraging state of the art software solutions and our expertise in utilizing these. In these studies, our team of consultants having strong domain knowledge in upstream and downstream O & G industry and leading software solutions blend its best processes and practices to deliver specialized studies to clients.

iOGStudy differs from our consultancy services in the application of domain knowledge and use of advanced software tools. Our consultants with their strong O&G cross-domain expertise are equipped to perform in-depth as well as holistic Profit Improvement studies for assessing our clients’ business processes and systems. This helps you unlock hidden potentials in the existing configuration for profit improvement and performance augmentation to arrive at ways and means that can be immensely useful in the fast changing and volatile Oil and Gas markets.

Our consultants can help clients in undertaking Technology Evaluation and Configuration studies for assessing the economic and operational viability of the latest cutting-edge technologies in the refining and petrochemical sector. We can employ our in-depth domain expertise in Downstream O & G domain to evaluate software solutions for multi-location facilities and devise business suites for application integration.

Our crude evaluation specialists can help our clients in arriving at the right methodology for selection of optimum crude mixes and enhance the selection process through rigorous post-mortem techniques.

The Planning & Scheduling Team at iOG can enable analysis of the health of the existing LP model for assessing its accuracy as compared to actuals. Our experts help dose the gaps and optimize the LP for usage in the context of - “Make-Buy-Sell” transactions, so that erroneous decisions are minimized resulting in an eventual increase in the profitability and efficiency of the process.

iOG Train -  Training and Orientation solution providing expert training services on downstream process technologies, advanced software applications and the various O & G business processes


iOGTrain is a dedicated training and orientation solution providing expert training services on downstream process technologies, advanced software applications and the various O & G business processes. It also covers the application support services

The iOG team comes with strong cross-domain knowledge and extensive experience in delivering advanced software solutions throughout the downstream O & G value chain. They thus can help client's in training their frontline, operational, technical and management personnel.

Rapid developments in the the field of advanced solutions demands imparting the workforce with the necessary skills and competencies. We provide onsite skill enhancement training workshops customized to meet the client’s need, with modules that focus on the actual application of those skills at our clients’ facilities in order to run the business effectively with the highest standards of deliveries.

iOG Solutions ties up with its partner training providers to bring to our clients the best and most relevant training programs, certified by the International Certification Agencies. Our training programs are custom-designed, factoring in the present skill levels of your team.

Our approach is to provide providing a combination of modules conducted by experts, projects conducted at the client locations, field and lab training, providing hands-on experience on some of the most advanced technologies in the market. This enables client teams keep pace with the rapidly evolving O & G downstream industry and optimally address the real-world challenges.

Build LP Models for Refinery Configuration Feasibility Studies

LP models allow a complete assessment of the configuration options that lead to enhanced knowledge of refinery technology, process licensor offerings and eventually lead to selecting the right combination of technologies and unit capacities that best suit the market conditions. LP can be used to maximize refinery margin, devise strategies to meet product demand of high value products and evaluate additional crude processing options as also for new refinery as well as green-field refinery projects such as refinery expansion, unit addition and for removing capacity bottlenecks.

As per the detailed market study of a refinery, we help our clients in

  • Building the LP Submodels for proposed different technology licensors
  • Undertaking the feasibility study for the proposed configurations
  • Performing Detailed feasibility studies for the preferred configuration

With our extensive LP knowledge and experience, we ensure that our solutions are optimized from every important aspect including economic return, operability, and the flexibility to deal with future changes in your facility’s feed or product slate and environmental norms. Along with the margin study, we also evaluate the costing, return on investment and find ways to squeeze unexplored value from existing assets / with addition of new units and assess operating cost of the processing units.

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