Production Monitoring and Surveillance:

Production Monitoring is focused on identifying improvement opportunities by identifying underperforming wells or fields by real-time data capture and analysis. It includes the following services:

  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Periodic intervention services
  • Identify problems in the reservoir or wellbore construction
  • Improve production with targeted remedial actions.

Ultimate purpose is to provide information which can help to maximize oil recovery, extend life of well and reduce operating cost. Production logging measurements or measurements of pressure, temperature or other properties by permanently installed downhole instruments can describe the distribution of flow into the wellbore as well as diagnose other completion-related problems.

Production Monitoring and Surveillance

iOG provides the following surveillance services for Production Fields:

  • Real-time monitoring services for Underperforming wells
  • Artificial Lift real time monitoring
  • Monitoring continuous measurements of pressure, temperature, flow rate and fluid density.
  • Integrating advanced permanent downhole gauges and sensors with surface data communication to allow remote monitoring of wells and reservoirs in real time.
  • Delivering Surveillance data from field to office in real time.
  • Analysing Asset performance and productivity Detecting Waterfront
  • Assessment of well intervention with pre and post Pressure Build Up Tests
  • Identifying problems in the reservoir and wellbore construction
  • Quality Control activities assessment
  • Detecting anomalous behaviours like Gas break-out in an oil well or liquid drop-out in a Gas Condensate well
  • Real time Measurement of the full spectrum of multiphase flow rates while monitoring and evaluating production with a compact flowmeter
  • Operating in both oil and gas wells for monitoring and testing dry gas, condensate and oil wells with a single meter

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