Production Engineering

Oil journey starts with finding a reservoir and drilling a hole to get that oil out. It is very essential that proper equipments are placed at the drilling rig so that the reservoir is utilized at its best capacity. Production engineering ensures that all the equipment and instruments are designed are operated keeping in mind the enormous pressures and temperature conditions that are prevailing in well.

In production engineering, iOG selects the artificial lift method; optimizes the design of tubing string and the design of the surface gathering system .

iOG design is done for the most efficient day to day oil and gas production operations from the reservoir, up the well and through the processing and storage operations at the surface. The objective is to maximize the well deliverability in a cost-effective manner by understanding the intersection of the Inflow performance relationship (IPR) and the vertical flow performance (VFP). The IPR represents what the reservoir can deliver and the VFP represents what the well can deliver.

iOG consultants helps improving well deliverability by optimizing the flow system from the bottom hole location to the surface production facility.

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