Structural modeling

Structural modeling has become increasingly important for complex structures, geomechanical studies, petroleum systems, and seismic imaging. Modeling is important not just within the reservoir zone, but for the entire basin, or as a full field from overburden to reservoir aquifer, and often down to the basement. During seismic interpretation a structural framework is built, consisting of a fault framework and a zone model.

In complex geologic settings, sound structural modeling and analysis are essential in understanding the deformation and stress history of the basin or prospect. iOG offers expert solutions in structural modeling and analysis through several of our senior associates who are recognized for their expertise in structural geology and stress analysis.

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Our Services

  • Structural 3D Modeling
  • Generation of Structural Isometrics
  • Construct and automate structural frameworks during interpretation
  • Accurately represent complex structur​es with the unique volume-based modeling technique
  • Rapidly define critical flowing or sealing windows along faults and integrate fault properties and geometries
  • Perform dual-porosity and dual-permeability simulation of fluid flow on facies such as carbonates and on fractured reservoirs
  • Improve prospect definition and well placement, using interpreted data to evaluate uncertainties in volumetrics, porosity, permeability, structure, or any other relevant property

Structural Modeling Workflow (Petrel):

  • Define new model
  • Create faults using selected faults sticks
  • Edit key pillars
  • Connect faults
  • Create faults from all fault sticks
  • Automatic generation of faults
  • Auto connection of faults
  • Fault Polygons
  • Fault QC & Edit
    • Create fault polygons
    • Check results
    • Create a structural map
    • Check the model 3D
  • Follow the workflow with depth conversion & model building